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Protective Executive UL (EUL)


  • Guaranteed issue type program
  • 15 minimum lives
  • Max Death Benefit: $5,000,000 (restrictions apply)

Dye & Eskin, Inc. (D&E) administers the EUL program and….

“…we love being vetted…”

D&E wants to be thoroughly vetted: your CFO, accountants, attorneys, and any other advisors you choose.

Why? We believe in our work, the EUL program, and our brain trust. We trust you will, too.

  1. Data Security: D&E carries the top U.S and international data security accreditations — we have a world leading data security expert on our staff.
  2. Operations/Administration: D&E has the top admin team in the carve out space — we have one of the country’s top operation experts on staff.
  3. Marketing/Sales: D&E also provides EUL marketing advice to BGAs, Agents — we have a nationally recognized life insurance consultant on staff.
  4. Protective Program: Protective is a significant U.S insurer with super high financials (parent Dai-Ichi) — EUL is the most sought-after plan in this space.
  5. D&E: the only totally independent life carve out administrator in the U.S. — Rick Eskin, Jake Eskin & LaWan Rice, arguably, we have the most experience in sales and administration in the life carve out market.

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Protective Executive UL

Multi-life, guaranteed issue type, minimum premium universal life insurance, carve out program.

  • Corporate paid
  • For a segment of highly compensated employees
  • Up to $5,000,000 death benefit per employee (some restrictions apply)
  • Individual UL chassis, term-like premiums
  • Fully portable
  • ExtendCare option

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Multi-life, guaranteed issue type, excess disability insurance program

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Important Notification: Program Changes.

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