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Data Security

Dye & Eskin, Inc. stands behind the technology that protects client data while providing ease of access to consumers, brokers and agencies. At Dye & Eskin, Inc., innovation is more than a word, it is the principle that allows us to achieve victories for our clients.

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SOC 2 Accredited and GDPR Compliant

Dye & Eskin, Inc. is fully SOC 2 Accredited and GDPR Compliant — it’s essential for and expected by our worldwide clientele. We maintain both a data security expert and operations consultant on retainer to ensure we are ahead of changing regulations regarding consumer data security, as well as the systems/processes that support delivery.


Dye & Eskin, Inc. uses robust technology that includes a Multi-Factor Authentication process to access the online enrollment system in order to protect consumer information.


Protecting customer information is paramount. We use the strongest encryption available (AES -256) for all data storage on the eVictoryEnroll platform. To prevent system interruptions from unexpected events or disasters, we have redundant systems that ensure business continuity and resilience.