There are “Timely Jolts” in business that move us from complacency to growth.  In 2021, Protective Life delivered the “Timely Jolt” with Executive UL (EUL) giving employers a superior, cost-effective choice for providing individual life insurance benefits to highly compensated executives.

Protective has now exponentially increased opportunities for sales by making ExtendCareTM available on the EUL product.

ExtendCareTM is Protective’s response to addressing a high priority executive wealth planning need by providing an accelerated death benefit for those who meet the definition of chronically ill. The rider falls under IRC Sec.101(g) and, upon qualification, provides the opportunity to advance the policy death benefit to manage home health care, professional nursing care, transportation, nursing home and assisted living costs, hospice care and more. The benefit paid is not dependent on any costs incurred and can be used for any purpose.

Here are SEVEN key facts:

  1. The choice to include the ExtendCareTM benefit for all eligible employees rests with the employer
  2. ExtendCareTM is available on all Executive UL cases of 25+ lives for employees aged 60 and under
  3. ExtendCareTM can remain on the policy to age 121
  4. ExtendCareTM  benefit is $10,000 per month.
  5. ExtendCareTM is available for those with Executive UL death benefits of $200,000 or more.
  6. For those ages 18-60, ExtendCareTM eligibility is dependent solely on the two Executive UL underwriting questions. 
  7. Depending upon demographics, ExtendCareTM adds approximately 2.5% to 4.5% to the Executive UL aggregate employer paid premium.

Protective Executive UL, ExtendCareTM, and Dye & Eskin, Inc. are your tools for SUCCESS.

Dye & Eskin, Inc. can also help you EXPAND your business model.

Keep in mind that Dye & Eskin, Inc. does all the heavy lifting. BGAs, Consultants and Agents can choose to be involved at any level including just cheering from afar.

For an in-depth discussion on case and product design, call Rick or Jake Eskin at Dye & Eskin, Inc. 703 556 0744.